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Whether it is training, resources, coaching, mediation, or parenting coordination, we consider it our pleasure to support you in your life journey!


Welcome to eduKARE! I am Karen Hopper, founder and lead coach/mediator. We provide various programs and services to help adults, parents, coparents and children develop a growth mindset, set and achieve personal goals, and learn strategies to manage daily challenges, 

Our parenting programs and services are designed to empower parents to provide a positive environment where their children can thrive.  I’ve always believed parents are their child’s first and most important teacher and involved parents give their children the best chance to succeed.  As a former teacher, counselor and school principal, I had many opportunities to engage and support parents with the challenges of parenting. Often,  parents shared their concerns about parenting and how they sometimes felt inadequate and unprepared to meet their children’s needs. I remember facing similar challenges raising my three children. These experiences inspired me to devote my second career to helping others develop the mindset, strategies and skills they need to support the healthy development of their children and themselves. I completed many hours of additional training to become a certified parenting educator, coach and mediator. eduKARE Parenting Solutions is an accredited positive parenting program provider. 

Sometimes life doesn’t always turn out as we planned. Many families are impacted by parents separating and/or divorcing. To assist families in transition, we offer court approved co-parenting education programs, coaching, mediation and parenting coordination. Research shows that the greatest factor in determining how children adjust during and after divorce is the level of conflict between their parents. Children adjust better when they are protected from parental conflict, feel safe, loved and are encouraged to have a good relationship with both parents. High and continual parental conflict may cause children to experience lifelong emotional problems. Early coaching and support can prevent future and ongoing conflict with parenting decisions. I have personal experience as a divorced parent and wish I knew then what I know now to help my children adjust better. 

Coaching and/or mediation can help parents better communicate with each other and make win-win decisions that are in the best interest of the children. As a mediator, I facilitate a process to help parents negotiate mutually agreed upon parenting plans . Many parents find that mediation is more cost effective and may reduce the number of court appearances.

Let’s talk about how coaching, mediation and our positive parenting programs may help you become a more confident and positive parent.

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Additional Programs & Services

All programs and services offered by eduKARE Associates are facilitated by experienced  specialists.  Let’s talk about how our team can help you overcome parenting challenges, mediate a dispute,  improve parenting skills or support your child’s social/emotional wellbeing.      


  • Personal Life Coaching for anyone going through a life transition. (divorce, career change, death of loved one, retirement, new school, etc.)

  • Student Support Programs and Services 

  • Individual and group coaching for ADHD and other learning/behavioral challenges for parents and teens 

  • After School and Summer SEL Programs 

  • Summer Social Skills Groups for Elementary Students 

  • Training and Coaching for School Districts for Developing and Sustaining Systems of Support for Students