Adult Programs and Services

Positive Parenting Education Programs – 6-8 week programs helping parents learn tips and strategies to develop positive relationships with their children and provide a positive environment for them to thrive. Interventions for common behavior challenges are presented. 

Parent Coaching – Individualized sessions where parents  discover their parenting style and learn strategies and skills that work for them to create a positive environment for their children. Coaching can help parents develop a plan to address a specific problem behavior or family concern. 

Confident Coparenting Coaching – Learn to navigate the challenges of transitioning to living separately. Discover how to protect children from adult conflict and give them the freedom to love and connect with both parents.  

Coparenting Mediation – Mediation with a neutral thrid party who facilitates a process to negotiate and develop a mutually agreed upon parenting plan that is in the best interest of the children.

Parenting Coordination for Parents in High Conflict – Mediation, education, negotiation and/or direction to develop a coparenting plan that is in the best interest of the children. This process may be court ordered or voluntary.  **$900 retainer fee required 


Children and Teen Programs  

Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching (ADHD) for Teens – 12-week personalized program for teens struggling with disorganization, time management, study skills, social skills and other executive functioning skills. Participants develop a personal success plan with goals and strategies that align with their unique strengths and talents.

ADHD Coaching for younger children is offered as parent coaching to help parents learn strategies to manage the daily challenges ADHD symptoms may present. Children may attend some sessions with their parent when appropriate.

Children In Between Program – A 6-week program for children adjusting to their parents’ separation or divorce.  Children learn to understand and manage their feelings. They learn to express their needs and concerns when they feel caught in the middle of adult conflict. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program – Individual or small groups participate in a 6-8 week program. Students are engaged in activities focusing on social and life skills. Lesson topics include finding your super powers, being kind, problem solving, decision making, and gratitude.